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Terms & Conditions

Koshjewelley.com ("Koshjewellery" or "website" or "we" or "our") is the shopping website that allows consumers to browse, select and purchase precious stones/Diamonds and or precious metal jewellery and accessories (“Products” or “Goods”) from the website.

Koshjewellery.com provides services to you subject to the terms and conditions to help make your shopping experience with Kosh as enjoyable and problem-free as possible.

If you would like to provide feedback about Koshjewellery.com web site, or recommend a way we can improve the buying experience, please write to info@koshjewellery.com. If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact Kosh on info@koshjewellery.com

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions.

Your privacy is important to us and we will protect it.
Koshjewellery.com collects, stores, processes and uses your information in accordance with Kosh’s Privacy Policy. By using the website and/ or by providing your information, you consent to the collection and use of the information you disclose on the website by Koshjewellery in accordance with Kosh’s Privacy Policy. Please review Kosh’s Privacy policy.

Eligibility Criteria

While Kosh invites everyone to admire the lovely jewellery designed by its world class designers, purchases of our jewellery may only be made by those individuals who are qualified to enter into a contract as per the Indian Contract Act, 1872. When you use our Website, you are representing that (a) all registration information you submit is truthful and accurate; (b) you will maintain accuracy in the information you provide us; (c) that you are fully able and competent to enter into the terms of sale we have mentioned here. You also acknowledge that Kosh does not have the responsibility of ensuring that you meet these requirements.

Kosh has the right to grant or refuse usage of its services available on the Website to you, at any time, without having to assign a reason.


The name, logo, trademarks and service which are displayed on the website are both registered and unregistered trademark of the owner of the website. Nothing present on this website can be reused or modified without the prior written permission by the website owner.

External Links

In order to offer you added convenience, external links may be offered but they are not under the control of the owner and the owner cannot be held responsible for the content. The use of content on the external sites can be done at your own risk.


The website makes no representations, guarantees, warranties or statements regarding the website.


The pricing is done by calculating the current prices for precious metals and gems and this ensures that we give you the best values. The prices are subject to changes because there is a lot of fluctuation in the price of precious metals and gems.

Disclaimer of liability

The owner of the website cannot be held responsible and thereby disclaims all liability for any loss, damage be it direct or indirect, personal injury or expenses of any other nature which can occur because of any third party and owing to which the results may directly impact the use of the website. Any information contained on the website, including you and your company’s information which is transmitted by the system cannot be held accountable to the website. Neither the website owner nor any third party or even the data content provider is liable to anyone who accesses the website for any errors, inaccuracy, dealt and omission of share price information.

As a merchant we have no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage which may arise directly or indirectly owing to declining of authorization for any transaction or even if the account of the cardholder seems to have exceeded the preset limit which was mutually agreed beforehand.

Conflict of terms

If there is a contradiction or a conflict between the provisions of the different terms and conditions at the website or any other relevant terms and conditions, policies and more, it is the section of the website which will prevail in respect of your use.


Any provision for the policies, notices and even the relevant terms and conditions which may become unenforceable in any of the jurisdiction, no matter if it becomes void, invalid, illegal or even unlawful for any reason then only to the extent which it is unenforceable will be treated as void and the remaining provisions will remain in full force



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